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Price list-catalogue 2017 (Slo):
- Flowering perennials
- Nectar and Pollen Plants
- Native varieties
- Grasses
- Ferns
- Marsh and water plants
- Herbs
- 22 cm pots

Terms and conditions

Preisliste 2017 pdf or xls


Tel.: 00386 (0)5 307 88 10

About us

Our address:
Vitovlje 18
5261 Šempas

DD (decimal degrees):
Lat.: 45.938778
Long.: 13.762821
DMS (degrees, minutes, secondes):
N: 45°56'19,6''
E: 13°45'46,157''


Terms and conditions


How to place an order:
- use our Online Shop
- make your choice at our nursery, also with the help of colour photos
- by mail, by fax, by telephone or internet on the basis of our price-list, our web page

Payment options:
- cash payment at our nursery
- bank transfer

International Shipping

Send email first to coordinate charges and shipping arrangements.



How to place an order:
- personally, by telephone, by fax, by letter, by email
- by a regular buying order

How you can make your choice
- the best way is to choose your perennials personally at our nursery
- with the help of our price list
- our web page (colour catalogue)
- by a special agreement

Wholesale prices are valid for garden centers, tree nurseries, nurseries and landscape architects

Mode of collection and delivery:
- the customer collects the material personally in the nursery, preferably by previous agreement
- by agreement we send material by door-to-door service at buyer's expense
- during season minor quantities can be delivered gratis upon previous agreement in combination with other eventual transports (in Slovenia).

On bulk purchases a 10% discount is granted in case of advance payment.

During the main spring or late summer planting season we can prepare by special agreement for professionals who perform transplanting and landscape anchitecture large quantities of plants without soil (some varieties of iris, day lily, aster, rudbeckia).

Those species and varieties which are not complete with the wholesale price are available only in limited quantities at retail prices.


On the basis of an agreement, a contract and a 35% advance we perform commissioned production of almost all perennials pertaining to our assortment at very attractive prices. The period necessary for the realisation of the production depends on the growth cycle of single species and varieties and lasts from three months to two years.
In case of commisioned production we allow a 10% discount on wholesale prices.


vzgoja in prodaja trajnic
Our location telephone: 00386 (0)5 307 88 10
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Catalogue 2017 pdf