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Price list-catalogue 2017 (Slo):
- Flowering perennials
- Nectar and Pollen Plants
- Native varieties
- Grasses
- Ferns
- Marsh and water plants
- Herbs
- 22 cm pots

Terms and conditions

Preisliste 2017 pdf or xls


Tel.: 00386 (0)5 307 88 10

About us

Our address:
Vitovlje 18
5261 Šempas

DD (decimal degrees):
Lat.: 45.938778
Long.: 13.762821
DMS (degrees, minutes, secondes):
N: 45°56'19,6''
E: 13°45'46,157''


Facts of which we are proud:

- we plant our perennials into home prepared garden soil based mix and we do not use peaty substrates for potting plants, therefore when transferred to gardens, our plants reveal to be luxuriant and resistant,
- pratically all young plants are grown by us (from seed, cutting, division of our mother plants,...)
- before adding a variety to our sortimet we test it first to our climate conditions, by planting it in the field or in bigger pots that stand outside during winter, this enables us to acquire broad knowledge about the characteristics of all our plants,
- our plants are used for planting roof gardens, cleaning waste waters, around educational or turistic beekipers
facilities, ... as well as private gardens and urban areas,
- we do not have any heated greenhouses. Three small non heated plastic covered greenhouses are used to overwinter the small youngplants and some adult evergreen plants like Helleborus that would loose their leaves because of the winter winds,
- we are the largest producer of perennials in Slovenia,
- all plants are grown in our nursery,
- we grow exclusively perennials (see What perennials are),
- our customers are offered advice about the use and the maintenance of the plants,
- in case plants for larger perennial beds are bought at our nursery we offer charge-free planting designs
- our staff consists of highly educated people.

Opening hours of the nursery

- from 1st March to 15th November every workday, Saturday included, from 9 to 17. On Sundays and holidays the nursery remains closed.
- On previous agreement exceptions can be made.

In Autumn we close the nursery when cold weather comes (usually in November). We reopen in spring, i.e. on 1st March.


We successfully collaborate with gardening schools and with both the Faculties of Agriculture located in Ljubljana and Maribor.

Some of our production holders have been for years now writing articles for specialized magazines and lecturing on the arrangement of gardens, as well on garden plants. The publication Bradate perunike – Bearded Irises, by Jožica Golob Klančič, has also met with a wide response.

Where can you find us - MAP

Our nursery is located in the Primorska region, however high enough above the Vipava Valley to make the growing conditions in our nursery similar to those existing in inner Slovenia.





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Our location telephone: 00386 (0)5 307 88 10
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