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What are perennials

Many persons are not familiar with the gardeners' concept of perennials. It would be therefore appropriate to explain once more what types of plants are included in this group.

By definition perennials are plants that do not have wooden parts and spend the winter outside in the garden. They live at least three years at the same place. Of course, the majority of perennials can grow in the same spot for many years without the need to be transplanted.

This group of plants does not include annuals, biennials and arboraceous plants (trees, shrubs and lignified climbers), indodor plants and classical balcony plants.

Perennials can have a wide range of uses in the garden. People like them primarily because of their resistance, the beauty of their flowers and the variety of their forms as well as for the colours of their leaves. If we provide them with at least the basic living conditions, they will increase in number every year. Every smallest place in the garden can be filled by a perennial, and year after year it will make happy both an amateur gardener and the professional.

For more information about perennials please go on the page Possible uses.

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